About Art 100 Under 1000


This is a very popular exhibition begun 18 years ago when the gallery was at 16 West Martin St. in downtown Raleigh.  It started out being One Hundred Under 200. and steadily inched up to One Hundred Under 1000., where it has remained for over a decade.  The exhibition was designed as an annual holiday gift-giving show.  Gallery proprietor Lee Hansley decided this year that the show would be in a virtual gallery and that the works would be available for purchase online year round.  Every effort will be made to keep 100 works on line at all times.  The   idea behind the show is to provide quality art work at affordable prices.   Lee Hansley Gallery opened on Feb. 5, 1993, on the second floor of the Capital Club Building in central Raleigh.  The gallery moved to Glenwood South in 1999.  It opened with the concept of presenting only quality artwork for the private collector.  Artists in the gallery’s stable for the most part are also art educators at the university level, and most have extensive exhibition records to their credit.  Lee Hansley, the gallery’s owner and director, worked as a curator at the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art in Winston-Salem for six years, and the gallery is one of only two in North Carolina owned and operated by a museum trained curator.  The gallery maintains a program of exhibitions that vary from solo shows, to thematic exhibitions to group show.  The gallery specializes in the art history of North Carolina often hosting exhibitions of well-know deceased artists.  You are invited to visit the gallery’s website at leehansleygallery.com; it is one of the nation’s oldest websites for an art gallery.